Life after Instagram

I thought a lot about what I want this blog to be.
There is a huge amount of “what should i market this blog as?”
“what is the audience I want to attract?”

I’m not actually sure.
I think I stopped blogging in the first place because I started to feel so frustrated by how much I was beginning to hate the content I was making.
I hated feeling like blogging was job and I was here to somehow perform for others.
I think it was a bit of lack of emotional maturity on my part.

Of course, I want to share the photos I take, and how I edit, my creative process…
I want to show off the outfits I put together, just like I used to.
But I also want to have some kind of point.

Why does this blog need to exist?
That’s the question.

The answer is, I don’t know.
And I am just gonna work through it until it comes naturally.
It feels like it needs to exist because I exist.
Trying to force a “thing” or “point” to the blog seems incredibly artificial and disingenuous.

Isn’t “authenticity” what everyone is chasing after now?

Blogging post instagram is weird.
It seems a bit dated but it also gives you more space to think and breathe and just be you.

There will always be people that fly by just to see you on the surface.
It’s like the people you meet in LA that you constantly tell “lets get together sometime” but you never actually set a date.
A blog seems more like a commitment.

This is me, trying to be committed.
Commit to having a venue to do something other than work.

til tomorrow Midgard,

Asgardian trapped in Midgard. Spending all of immortality with cats and anime.

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