State of the Selfie

I am a fan of instagram museums. There, I said it. I get a lot of enjoyment out of them, they serve a specific purpose: an accessible outlet for my desire to create stylized images.

Years ago I had to lug my dslr around and attempt to find good lighting or have olay gear and build my own sets or find locations… it was a lot more involved.

With the introduction of smartphones and let’s face it, their continual advancement in camera technology, it has become much easier to just create with my phone than being tons of gear.

I have visited so many different Instagram musuems at this point that I figured I might share a few pointers!

1. Usually cost between $25-50 for 60 to 90 minutes

This is a fairly reasonable price when you break it down by how many sets you get vs. Renting a full studio space with no prefabricated sets and convenience.

2. Not all Instagram museums are created equal

Instagram musuems vary in quality A LOT. Some are very good value and some are very poorly planned.

Every single Instagram musuem I have followed or visited have never put up their floor plan. It is very very hard to figure out exactly how many rooms or backgrounds they have or what all of them look like.

Many of these musuems rely on the end customer to figure it out. This often makes it incredibly hard to figure out what every option is or what the flow of the place actually looks like.

3. Lighting is usually Not Great

These photos are from the space. To their credit, they are the most well light and well organized Instagram Musuems I have ever been to. They are a rare beast.

Most of these places have very terrible overhead spotlighting. I have often struggled with lighting and ultimately purchased a cheap portable LED panel light off Amazon, which has served me incredibly well in these places.

4. Plan Your Looks

I usually plan at least 2 – 3 potential outfits to bring based on the musuem walls.

No, these places do not have changing rooms. Sometimes their bathrooms are only located at the front or end of the maze of rooms and you cant go back and forth (which is super lame).

I usually start off with the items that are hardest to put on and have interchangeable jackets or bottoms. Or I throw a jacket over and a long skirt.

This way I get 2 or 3 different looks. Many of the photos from my last few posts have all been from PARTY WITH.

5. Not all Instagram Museums are Equal

I have been to so many at this point, themed, paid, free, good, and crappy ones.

I highly suggest looking at how many rooms or sets their are. I have been to ones with 3 – 5 sets, and ones with 10-15 sets and how intricate or varied their sets are.

6. Go With Friends

I usually ask my friends to come with so we can help each other take photos. We have gotten very good at supporting each other and knowing how to capture a look or shot with in seconds to a minute. Because these are usually times places, you have to get through it it fast.

Usually this also means after the musuem you can go for brunch or early dinner!

7. The point is to have fun

I think people like to hate on IG musuems because so many people associate Instagram with vanity and self-centeredness but I think sometimes those people miss the point.

Theres nothing wrong with making an event out of enjoying yourself and liking how you look. Theres enough daily insecurity we go through, so dress up and have fun.

Til tomorrow Midgard,

Asgardian trapped in Midgard. Spending all of immortality with cats and anime.

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