Too goth for the beach anyway

A pool would be nice!


Like everyone else in 2020, I am mostly regulated to the square footage of my apartment. Normally I’m not a beach person. But once in a rare Summer day, I’ll get the urge to go.

Since we can’t go to the beach, I wanted to do a “Goths at the beach” style shoot. This has been a long-running joke between friends and throughout goth circles, but I do honestly enjoy gothing out at the beach.

Like many of my home self-portraits, I started off with just 2% of an idea and let the creative powers drive my final results.

I decided to lean more into a cyber-goth beach vibe with the image. This meant I was going to do more simple geometric shapes with neon accents.

I put on this chain bodysuit I got from Shein, pairing it with some geometric neon-yellow earrings (also from Shein), keeping it relatively simple.

I didn’t have a beach hat so I opted for my vintage Whithall & Shon, and threw over a piece of white faux-fur fabric I had lying around. Using things you already own can breathe their own direction in your photos.

My office is pretty small, so I tend to make use of the wall by my closet. It also affords me the most space for setting up my tripod and phone.

I ended up using 2 rolls of foil that I got from Dollar Tree. I taped them up sections and used 3 crumpled sections for the bottom. I also put down a white towel to mark where I’d be standing. Standing on the foil means it would get stuck to my feet, and the white towel makes it easier for me to edit.

The real magic in my self-portraits is in editing!
Many people sing praises to the magic of presets, but I generally have a simple workflow.

I generally add gradient colors to my photos, color correct, and give it a softer focus. Then I take it through the Meitu app to clean up my makeup, blemishes and make final decisions on the overall tone of the image.

Here’s one of the original raw to final images.

The final photo is much brighter and has a more beachy vibe.

What do you think? What would you have done differently?

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