• Photography

    Eye of the Beholder

    It’s absolutely no secret that I love to take photos.Whether they’re of myself, my friends, my cats, or whatever catches my eye… I love taking photos. I get questions from time to time about what I’m using, how I’m editing,…

  • Photography

    State of the Selfie

    I am a fan of instagram museums. There, I said it. I get a lot of enjoyment out of them, they serve a specific purpose: an accessible outlet for my desire to create stylized images.

  • Life

    The Internet Struggle

    Nobody’s life is that perfect. I don’t know if anybody needed to hear that today, but I hope it helped. Social media as we know it is about 20-ish years old, give or take. It has now been linked to…

  • Style

    I Dream of Neo Tokyo

    How many people remember where they were or how old they were when they first saw “Akira”? I feel like I saw it some time between 1990 and 1991.I saw the dub on Sci-Fi, back when it was Sci-Fi and…

  • Life

    Life after Instagram

    I thought a lot about what I want this blog to be.There is a huge amount of “what should i market this blog as?” “what is the audience I want to attract?” I’m not actually sure.I think I stopped blogging…